My Waterproof is Leaking


Firstly look at the basics and ensure that you have all of the zips done up, hood fitted correctly and cuff tabs secured.

Next check for any obvious damage or puncture marks in the fabric where you are getting wet.

If you are still getting wet it is possible that you are experiencing moisture build-up on the inside of your waterproof rather than rainwater getting in. It is important to regulate your body temperature through your clothing choices based on the activity you are doing so that you do not overheat and overwhelm the breathability of your waterproof membrane.

Lack of breathability can be exacerbated if the garment has not been cleaned regularly. Dirt and oils from your skin can clog the pores in your jacket’s waterproof membrane, preventing the transfer of moisture vapour from your body to the atmosphere. This will mean that the inside of the garment may feel damp to the touch and be uncomfortable to wear directly against the skin.

Alternatively, your DWR (Durable Water Repellency) may have worn off


Often confused for waterproofing, Durable Water Repellency, or DWR is a technology that we use throughout most of the range of waterproofs we offer. A DWR causes water to bead on the surface of the fabric so that instead of soaking into the garment's outer fabric, the rain simply rolls off.

By reducing the amount of standing water on the garment's outer, the breathability of the fabric is maintained and it remains light and comfortable to wear.

After prolonged use, you may find that the DWR's performance begins to diminish and this can mean you start feeling damp on the inside of the garment, which can be particularly uncomfortable against bare skin. To prevent this the DWR can be refreshed by applying a DWR treatment after washing. Instructions on how to do this can be found here


If you still feel that your waterproof jacket or trousers may be faulty and the item is less than 2 years old, please get in touch with the retailer you purchased it from. They may be able to solve the issue for you without sending it back to us and if they do need to return it to us then they will do so on your behalf.

If it has been over 2 years since you purchased the item or you purchased it directly from our website, then please contact us here to begin a Service Centre warranty request.

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