How to patch repair a down jacket

Torn your down jacket whilst out on an adventure? Our Service Centre team share their simple, hardwearing techniques to help you make temporary mends to any rips, tears, and holes in your down jacket, in the field. Once you're home from your trip, send your Rab down jacket back to us for an expert Repair Service.

Should you manage to rip your jacket while out on adventures we’ve got some simple techniques that are hard wearing but temporary that will see you through until you can get back and then consider sending it to a Rab Service Centre for a permanent fix.

For smaller holes where individual feathers are escaping, it's unlikely you’ll need a patch or repair. Simply pull any exposed down back into the jacket from the inside so as not to make the hole larger. Then wet your fingers and rub the fabric to seal the pin prick sized hole.

When the tear is larger than a pin prick, push and pinch any exposed or lost down back into the baffle and clean the affected area where possible. Apply Rab repair patch of suitable size or another repair patch. A circle is going to be best for this, it’ll avoid lifting at the corners. But honestly, any patch is better than none. You should try and avoid patching across stitching/baffles where possible.

Make sure you apply the patch smoothly as well – using the back of your nail can help with this. Once home from your trip, it’ll be time for a permanent repair. You can consider a permanent solution; the Rab Service Centre is always here to help you keep your garments going for as long as possible.


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